TownLake Neighborhood Association and the Rainey Neighbors Association HAVE MERGED!  The new organization is called

Rainey NEIGHBORHOOD Association.   A 501(c)3 non-profit corp. established to give condo owners and apartment residents living in the Rainey District a voice and to advocate for solutions as issues developed from the high-density growth occurring in our area.    


RNA is committed to Improving the Quality of life and Property Values for ALL Rainey District Residents.  

With all of the changes happening in our small restricted area, it's now important  to come together as a community. 

Together we can make a difference and 

NOW is the time to get involved!

TLNA Board Members


President -                                         Michael Abelson   

Vice President -                                 Susan Morgan      

Treasurer -                                         Bonnie Cahill         

Secretary -                                         Jeff Robinson        

Communications/Membership        Staci Livesay         

Officer at Large -                               Trecia Roberts     

At RNA - Here's What We Believe

  • We believe that development is a natural part of growing and expanding as a City; however, it is important to grow in a responsible way that addresses the impact of growth on the entire area.


  • We believe the Rainey District is a unique patch of land sandwiched between an interstate highway, Lady Bird Lake, Waller Creek and Cesar Chavez.  Continued approval of high-density development over the past few years has created density levels in this small, restricted area unlike any other area in Austin. It will take creative and forward-thinking problem-solving to address the mobility issues that have arisen within the Rainey District.


  • We believe that, thus far, the City of Austin has failed to plan and implement needed infrastructure development, while it has continued to approve multiple large-development projects in the Rainey District. Our Community has a responsibility to let our elected officials know our concerns and to have our voices heard.


  • We believe in collaboration and understand that when we work together, we are stronger!


  • We believe that it is imperative we address the lack of infrastructure immediately (e.g. sidewalks, increased access points, and overall improved mobility). Traffic is out of control, and safety issues abound.


  • We believe that any special fees paid to the City for development within the Rainey District should be used for infrastructure within this District and not elsewhere.


  • We believe that the City should immediately begin to implement the recommendations made in the 2017 Big Red Dog Mobility Study for the Rainey District. CLICK HERE for the Recommendations.

Rainey Neighborhood Association

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