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Austin Energy Electical Substation - Recap of Events

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

During the initial meetings with Austin Electric regarding the Rainey substation, Dan Smith, Austin Energy VP, indicated at a TLNA meeting that the 22-foot electrical towers would have a ventilated roof to hide the ugliness of the towers. Latest reports indicate that developers are not able to place a ventilated roof over the site.

Michael Abelson, President of TLNA and Pat King, President of ANC, did a walking tour of Rainey and the Rainey Substation site with Spencer Cronk, the new City manager, and a representative from Tovo’s office.

This picture is of an existing Austin Energy Substation

The results of the surveys and informational discussions have resulted in naming the site, Rainey Substation, and the blue wall design was most popular. Not sure what the final decisions will be.

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